About me and my art

Genesis of my art

I don’t know if defining who I really am is easy and complicated.
I can tell you what I aim to do: expressing my art freely, not being bound by the fashion of the moment.
The fashion of the moment is easy to follow, it quickly captures your eyes and your mind, but it is transient: would you mind a fashioned image in a year ?
I began enjoying with photography in the 80s, in the chemical photography times.
Some years ago, I went to digital photography.
My art comes from a simple source: looking at our world and our times through my feeling of them  !
My vision is not to create a new reality, but showing you ours.
I do love to find and show harmony, elegance and beauty in world’s reality (through my mind), it is the world we are living in everyday, every single moment, it is my “message” to you.

I promised not to do it, but I will sometimes show you the lack of harmony, elegance and beauty in world’s reality, we all see it everyday in real life but for any reason we close our eyes and we pass through.

My creative process so implies that I create my artworks by shooting real world and life, not by creating them artificially.

I find harmony, elegance and beauty in landscapes of real nature, towns, objects in locations, and other (it is in the earth that was given to us), in music (particularly in jazz music, which I do love) and in jazz musicians (I do love to catch jazz moments as an emotional portrait of music and musicians), in single persons (in moments of their everyday life), in people in their real-life situations (it is my portrait of our moments).
If you can fix my art in your memory, I did my duty: I shared with you the emotion I felt in this moment.
I have chosen photography as I feel it as my favourite way to express my vision of the world through its real aspect.
My cameras and my lenses are my brushes to paint my art.
After 40 years of photographing only for myself, I felt the need to turn into sharing my art outside of myself.
I have chosen to show you myself before my art, as I believe that who I am can better explain my art.
All artworks (single or part of series) in my website are constantly evolving, so please stay tuned.

All contents and artworks (single or series) in my website are copyrighted to me if not differently specified.

My creative process

Before shooting

This stage implies a prior detailed study about the final goal I wish to achieve.
It is the fundamental phase I always start from before shooting.
For jazz sessions, I try to follow musicians before the effective session, to understand as close as possible their music and their performing way.
For landscapes, I try to catch and show the essence of our earth and our towns, of what it really is, what was left behind for us, what we are leaving behind us.
For portraits, I try to establish a relationship as close as possible to the subject, to his or her daily life, to his or her true being.
For real life, I try to give my viewing point of people on their everyday lives.
My artworks will exist as a single artwork or a serie.
The choice between realizing a single artwork or a serie depends on my inspiration, my feelings about my subject: I will never to tell stories by my series, I wish to only show the different shades of my feelings about a subject.


During shooting stage, especially in portraits, jazz and real life situations shooting, I try to be as invisible as possible, to contaminate as little as possible the situation I am capturing.
This will allow me to capture the true reality of world.
My shootings are performed with Nikon cameras and original lenses: through these years, I began working with film F, FE and FM2 models, with manual focus lenses, and now with both digital and film cameras.

Post-processing, after shooting and before printing

After having shooted my artworks, I archive each artwork of mine in its original raw format and I perform the work to achieve, through processing and printing, its two or three main items (the official collector item, my personal item and the eventual subject item).
Post-processing of each artwork of mine is performed through software treatment with Adobe Photoshop®, updated to the latest version available.

Post-processing of each artwork of mine implies working on it to achieve the final artwork I have in my mind.


I guarantee that artworks as series of mine realized starting from June 2021 will exist in printed form as follows :

    • series of nineteen (19) images
    • twenty (20) items of each series will be realized:
      • nineteen (19) items of each series will be marketed (the official collector items)
      • one (1) item of each series will be my personal item, only for my portfolio, for showing and exhibiting, for internal archiving, and not to be marketed

I guarantee that each single artwork of mine realized will exist in printed form as follows :

    • only two (2) main items:
      • the official collector item
      • my personal item, only for my portfolio, for showing and exhibiting, for internal archiving, and not to be marketed
    • no more than five (5) working items, produced to achieve the final version of each artwork of mine
The choice of the support on which each artwork of mine is printed is functional to the realization of its final version.

Each artwork of mine is printed from the digitally taken file (optimised) or the digital scanning from the shooting on film.

I guarantee that:

    • only the official collector item of each artwork of mine will be marketed
    • once the official collector item of each artwork of mine is marketed, no other copy of that artwork will be printed
    • in the case of the official collector item should be lost, stolen or damaged, it will be printed again on the same conditions as the original, or in the conditions available at the time of the new printing if the conditions at the time of the original printing are no longer available
    • any working items of each artwork of mine, produced during my creative process, will be archived by me and available to certify my creative process, and will not be marketed

My artworks (the official collector item, my personal item and the optional subject item) are printed and

    • autographed
    • marked as the official collector item and my personal item
    • the official collector item and my personal item are accompanied by the Certificate of Guarantee of my trusted printers

I guarantee that:

    • all printed artworks of mine (the official collector item, the working items and my personal item) come from chemical films (color and / or black & white negative and / or positive) and / or digital files (produced directly when shooting or from scanning previous shootings on chemical film, and worked in the post-processing stage), both of which I hold the physical and intellectual property (so holding any copyright for them)
    • all printed items of my artworks (the official collector item not yet marketed, the working items and my personal item) are stored in my archives, protecting them against time and any damaging agent

My creative process

My artworks are shown on this website and on social networks (such as Instagram for now) in their digital form, which can be reproduced and shared only with specific agreements on external websites, such as those of, for example, online galleries.
My personal item of each printed artworks of mine can be shown and exhibited (for example during meetings and / or fairs, in physical galleries, etc.).
My printed artworks can be provided with or without a frame.
The frame in which each artwork of mine is supplied can be chosen by me or by the client, since normally I prefer not to influence the clients’ aesthetic choices.
So, I prefer to show my printed artworks in white frames.

Presently, in my archives I have my artworks :

    • in film (black and white and color negatives, color slides)
    • in digital files, including digital scanning of my film artworks
    • in printings of film and digital files sources

I guarantee that the black and white films of my artworks have been developed personally by me.

I guarantee that my artworks taken on film are archived only on :

    • the original film support
    • in their respective scannings
    • on photographic paper, worked personally by me (if printed)

I guarantee that my digitally taken artworks files are archived only in :

    • the original RAW format
    • the worked format
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